Women's Day / Speaking Practice

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In this live stream we're gonna be talking about Russian traditions of celebrating International Women's day, which is an important Russian holiday and a non-working day. We'll talk about traditions of this particular day, offering gifts, sayings and much more. We will touch a Grammar topic such as Accusative Case, when talking about direct object and repeat Prepositional case. All the grammar structures will be considered in the context of celebrating Women's Day! You can find useful vocabulary in the comments!

The history of the holiday from Russian Lessons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMmGBeaXHKQ

Dative Vs Accusative case, which one to choose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHawOLiK9lU&t=56s

Internet resources to learn Russian Grammar:


See you soon!

Alex Mercer

Blin( I missed this(

Juliana McGrath


Ali Ergul

Спасибо большой:)

Irina Siberia

Вот и мне подарили сковородку, что за люди?

Irina Siberia

Связь хорошая. Спасибо.

American Studying Russian

Knowing that число is like an omitted word when talking about dates really brings me a better understanding of this. Now I know why 'первое' is used with months. It will be easier to remember because I have more associations in my head... thanks!!!
Happy International Women's Day!!!!


I missed the live :/ Your lessons keep getting better and better, Катя. Hope you had a wonderful women's day :)

Dirk Hartog

Хахаха. Надеюсь что, Макс ещё жив, и что мы можем слушать больше о своих приключениях.


Happy belated international women's day :-)

Russian with Tatiana

Замечательный урок!

Sven P

Again, thank you! you're a great teacher.

Live Russian

You may prepare yourself for this live to be able to participate more actively. Here is some useful vocabulary:
ПрАздновать (ОтмечАть) = to celebrate
ДарИть = to offer
ПолучАть = to receive
ГотОвить = to prepare
All the listed verbs require ACCUSATIVE CASE (speaking about the direct object)
СюрпрИз = surprise
ЖЕнщина = a woman
ДЕвушка = a young woman (normally unmarried)
ДЕвочка = a girl

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