The Best 4K Aquarium for Relaxation II ???? Relaxing Oceanscapes - Sleep Meditation 4K UHD Screensaver

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Relaxing Oceanscapes - Enjoy the peaceful aquariums & tanks views in beautiful 4K UHD. Helps Relax & Fall Asleep FAST! 2 hours long. Relax with beautiful fishes, Manta rays, Sea anemones,Jellyfishes, Sharks, and more!. Music for relaxation, sleep, meditation, yoga, study. sit back, relax and enjoy :)

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Balu - Relaxing Nature in 4K

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Бегзод Б.Я



Oh man, wish this was available when I was still trippin' ... the 60's would have been so much more tranquil.

Larisa Shik

Awesome video ????????????

Djina Medjidova

Прекрасно!Очаровательно!Волшебно!Спасибо вам и дальнейших творческих успехов!!!

Minh Mẫn Phạm

Tuyệt đẹp ❤❤❤

Samoan 115

It’s so relaxing remember your hole life all over again and even get your anger out and with all of your sadness feeling emotions out with your body

SK Udupi

Watching from India

SK Udupi

Great idea geat video

cruz de Jung

Is this real pictures or animated...?

Djimon Page

I think my elementary gym teacher alwaysed played music like this when we were stretching Makes me think vack

Baster GR

سبحان الله

Rosinaldo jordao da silva Silva

Muito bom mesmo amei de verdade

Dauwoady A Yal

رائع جداً تسلم كتيررر

คาลอส บัคก้า


RespectMine Poetry

Thank you

Нелли Полякова

Класс!!!! Шикарно!!!!


porque tem 2 horas de video

Valeria Martinez Cardona

Me encanta. Estoy en el 2020

Enrique Martínez


vivian cai


Som & Harmonia

Lindo vídeo!

Nil Bangla

Woow so beautiful videos ????????????


한국사람 있어요?
이걸 보며 우는 사람은?

Jennifer Lopez

So relaxing!


esto me relaja mientras juego xd

Тимур Батькович

Нафига нужно было накладывать музыку? Она напрягает! Чтоб вам...

Ingenieria F&R

very cute fish balu

Andre Rosado

Amazing... cannot stop watching.. great for relaxing..

Natural beauty gallery

Beauty nature

Giovanna Rafaela

Thank you. Well done, awesome !

chrizzle 92

1700 Leute haben Angst vor Fischen

Ken Maletino

I just dream this so I came on to this here


I lost my real fish tank and I have been missing it. Having this is almost as good.

Rebeca Sanchez

Qué hermoso espectáculo, me tranquiliza el alma...

Jason Pardy

I showed it to my cats and they thought it was real ????????????????????????????????

Аквариумный Мир

Красота какая :) у меня таких рыб в аквариумах еще не было :))))


Body low & mind high
Body relaxed & mind taking a beautiful journey! ❤️❤️❤️

Ustadz Bustomi Sewan


Λαζαρος Σουλας


The Natural Beauty

Who is watching this Video in 2020!!

quanghuy nguyen

I like aquarium

Emmie D'Amico

I've looked through so many of these videos, and this one is by far the best! The quality is great, the colors are vibrant, but mellow. The fish are so interesting to watch, and the switching between different tanks makes it engaging enough to watch for hours. I love putting it on my tv, and people always think it's so cool when they come over! LOVE THIS VIDEO

Mascotas en familia - Pets in family

???????????? Very nice. Thanks! Liked!

Armand Cote

tres belle musique et video tres peu de commentaire en francais



Alma Perez



que bonito me gusta


I actualy love this video i can watch this video all the day with out boring :)

maria silva

vejo sempre

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