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Wait untill you guys see his reaction. Thank you guys so much for watching! Make sure to LIKE the video and SUBSCRIBE!

@Ben Azelart
@Brent Rivera
@Jeremy Hutchins
@Dominic Brack

If you see this, comment who you think won the little painting challenge haha love you guys :)



Anglo B

hello when are you coming to the uk

Melanie Salazar

You should of put the Painting in brents room

mahnameisotQm malkmz

Haters :
H- having
A- anger
T- towards
E- everyone
R- reaching
S- success

DianaAndJason Hinds

With the plastic surgery prank to Mack it even funnyer brent should of Ben in it and wen he was thar with Lexi by them self and Brent comes out with the broom and sed DID YOU MACK MY SISTER GIT PLASTIC SURGERY!?!?!?! That wud of made it funnyer it was funny buy it self but just saying

Ava Urias ASMR

Hi guys

Fishing simulator Pro

Or Lexi Rivera if her middle name actually Alexa? Or is Lexi her middle name

Wolfy Star8597

Brent: Are you kidding me?!
Me: My bro says are you kidding me

Vi Saeneouthay

I like zhc


import pyautogui, timw
f = open(".exe", 'r')
for word in f:
pyautogui.press("enter") ** kills a virus

Hector Ceballos

isnt that the abonded house




wait what happend to your nose?

tilly wotherspoon

No offense
But lets be honest
Who actually likes brents voice

Shippingaddict 17

Just paint over it.

Aren Saucedo


Emily Byrne

first thing brent says: why is he here

Kaitlynne Green

Brent: just add me in the back with the broom
Me: 😂😂

Loes Pinxteren

Lexi's evil laugh is everything 😂😂
When she shows brenr

Sam Robbins


A3g43R Y

No why would she do surgery when her face was perfect back than 🥴😭


John 14:6 - Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Aziza Haider

Plzzz lexi do shoutouts plzz😥🤫👁👄👁🙏🤞👊

Becky Mead

Ben is so sweet, When he said you really didn’t need the plastic surgery, #coulplegoals

Mayra Neri

So funny.

Nahumi Vitela

You and Ben are boyfriend and girlfriend

Jeremia Laplace

Why does that house look like the house y’all stayed in and said was really creepy

Julia Westerlund

You can paint your car with white paint 🎨

Kaitlyn Tolliver

Omg you are so creative 💗🤞👌😛😛😅

Ashlee Osborne


Imama the skater


Maritza Batista

This is going to be funny

trust mandizvidza


Malika Lqoule

loool ikr GIRLL YU GO IT!! MHHM

Vernice McIntosh

When I saw you I amost cried

Julio Crespo


katerin alvarado

It’s not real 😂😂 just takes it off

Jean Luo

ben is actually really nice

before i watched him some, but as i watched this more, you can see how sweet he is to lexi

AllAbout TheChips

7:13 brent's thoughts "where's my broom"

Shilpa naik

Ben and my boyfriend are the same

20k subscribers with no videos challenge

I ship Bexi, Dexi, and Landrew. All of them.

Karina Kumar

I LOVED BRENTS REACTION LOL! Keep up the cool content!

senni bgon

ZCH is so good at drawing! And not only him but also his friends who help him!!🤗

anastasia anagnostopoulos

lexis mom when in on the prank:WHY DO I HAVE KID
me:*breaks computer*


I don’t get how they never see the camera that be right in front of them 💀👾

maximus the consle king

when i frist wached this girl i was shocked i was like omg she got hurt!

Lili Chavez

Why is a lot of ppl getting Surgery on there nose someone tell me plz👃❤

Pete Travels

Hey Lexi, want to really annoy Brent ? Make him read a book !

tiaa menezes

I got scared seeing her face in the first place while the new house looks good

Doug Bender

Paint white paint over your car

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