Can LeBron, AD and Kyle Kuzma Become LA's New ‘Big Three’? | NBA on TNT Tuesday

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After Kyle Kuzma hit the game-winning shot for the Los Angeles Lakers, the crew discusses whether Kuzma can become LA's third star player.

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Damian Lillard

No, because Kuzma is a chump

Lancer____ Dog

The only people who care are the true NBA fans, all 12 of them.
GET WOKE AND GO BROKE. Bye hypocrites you had a good run but its all but over for ya


lebron's narcissistic ego won't allow that to happen.

Tyrone Biggums

big 3?!?!? Stop it, Kuz has been playing good but relax. He's nowhere close to chris bosh on the heats big 3, or on klay or Draymond's level with their big 3.

eric han

Kuzma. Lakers did good with that one.


Barley beat bench players 😂

Tyler Crawford

One decent game and a game winner and we're talking big 3? I hate the media. Don't get me wrong I hope the best for kuz but he's got alot to prove


Candace hooping and commentating she gettin to it!!!

Markie D

Kuzma ain't cut like that. He can be a good role player, but big 3, nah


Lakers are trash

Veer Chasm

Lebron is gonna retire so it will be a big 2 soon enough...or AD will walk so it will be a Big One

Sonya Nutter

same problem NO DEFENSE. Lakers may see the second round....


Waiters is the legit 3rd option because he's more versatile. Kuz takes some really bad shots, he's shot the team out of a win on many occasions. One good game out of 20 isn't what makes big 3.

Gamba Shaga

Shaq is trying to clap Candace cheeks


Did DWade steal Barry Bonds' earring?

Money Money

Da Lakers worked hard for that win


:59 we not gon talk about that pass by bol bol ?? 🥵

koolcaz 777

Lebron sounds like a female dog. No fans? Word?! Its cause he doesn't practice

Jose Romero

Man, Candace is playing and commenting. Impressive lol.


Lakers look like they just aren't trying tbh. I mean why exert the extra energy if you clinched the 1st seed with only a few games left before the playoffs?

Michael Chan

To Lakers fans: Denver did not play their starters in the 4th....


5:42 - Shaq sounds thirsty af 😂 but he spittin' facts tho 👌

Rican AB

Kyle who ??


Kuz needs to start. Not quite sure why he only starts when theres an injury. He always plays better when he starts. His confidence goes to another level.

NY Finest

Her baby hair is on fleek. She is beautiful


Kuzma isn’t consistent enough to be a solid 3.

Dago Gonzalez

"No way no how" one good game the only game they made 3 ball since they came back. Lakers are hoping that they face Memphis not Portland.

Kellen Moon


Paco A

nah dude, they didn't play their starters because they weren't playing well. bench was making 3s can't do much about that.

Stiz anley

How was Porter JR 6/6 FG and 3/3 3pt and only scored 15 points?


I believe Kuzma will play well in the playoffs. People forget he was averaging like 19 points a game his first 2 seasons. He started this season hurt and never had a real training camp to get in basketball shape. Now with the 4 months off he had time to fully heal and get in better shape. Now it's showing off. If he can average 15-20 in the playoffs I think the Lakers have a great shot

Aquarius Leviathan prophecy

I wonder if Candice have big Feet 😏👣👿😈😏💛💛

chris p. bacon

Kuzma is not consistent.he always has one good game and always drops off.

Josiah Ross

Candace Parker is so fine tho 😍

Nicholas Jeffrey

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khalifa drake

Why would they even discussing this , Lakers played against Nuggets g league and barely beat them, needed a clutch 3 to beat. Lakers should be worried


Go lakers cant front shaq parker lookin sexy curly hair and she play me one on one any day

anonymous lakernerd

We need another term. “Big Three” should be reserved for three bonafide stars. What the Lakers have (and this is coming from a fan) should be called “Two and a Half Men.”

Chris Hicks

Black Lives Matter and ads everywhere on the courts, when did oppression become profitable? Wake Up my people

Tchalla Daniels

Wasn't Danny Green suppose to be that guy 🤦🏾‍♂️#ijstho

RobLoveFunny comedian

DWade looks like a extra from the movie Beat Street 🤔😆🤷🏾‍♂️. All Love tho. Turbo or Ozone 😎


really guys ? against denver 3 pickers . wow the level is too low for bron


The lakers shouldn't be happy about this.. they need to fix a lot of issues

Angelo Vezza

If it wasnt for the injury he had, mpj would be already taking over

Marvin Noob Gaming

We need a real point guard not big guys who bring up the ball half court and iso


Kuzma overrated AF. One-two good nights a year doesn't make it for him.

Bradley Faidley

If they finally give kuz consistent minutes and let him have the ball in his hands at times, he gon be nasty

Dean Winchester

DWade's earrings came right from his 80's drawer

Lonzo ball

It’s more like 2 and a half

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