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Deni Gonzalez

Girl i just had my second baby 12 weeks ago and second baby was soo much easier! I struggled a lot with my first baby as well and now he is 5.
Whenever you do get pregnant don't worry you got this! 😊

ViiMoney Vlogs

Omg your baby is the cutest!!!! Your moms reaction😂shes a cool mom, love her. Omg JK saying mama🥺❤️so cute

Angel Dianne

But like is nobody talking about Valentin flicking her off 😂 don’t worry she’ll say ‘Papa’ soon

Salad Man

I dont see why anyone cares. Also how is this on trending?

Nicole Hugs

Your eyebrows look thick

10k subs before christmas??

Literally 99.9% won’t see this but, God bless you and stay safe during these hard times read my name btw🦋!!!!!!!


I feel like this has to do with you working out so much I've been told that can affect your cycle too 😊 & yes I agree the cramps are worse after having a baby than before 😭😭


Welcome to motherhood and hormones.
Edit : I did take 6 pregnancy tests over 2 months because I knew I was pregnant with my second child but kept saying negative.

Arely Gomez

I don’t remember if you stopped pumping yet? But with my first son (I breastfed & pump) I didn’t get my period until 7 months and now with my second baby his 8 months today and I’m just breastfeeding him and still no period.
Also my mom said the same thing like your mom because my first baby was a C-Section and I had a horrible experience so she told me she wouldn’t be in the room with me anymore because she doesn’t want to see me in pain.

The Temple Family

Jaylin is the cutest 🥺🥺 “mama”

Life with Abi

“And all of these Shhh-Stuff “ You’re MEEEEEEE trying to play it off 😂😂😂😂

Lala Avila

You guys are probably the only family channel that keeps it real!!❤️ love how you and your mom get along 🤣

Diana Toro

That title tho! Got you #15 in trending right now lol

A. P.

Still Too Soon To Have Another Baby,Wait Another Yr


Isaiah 53:5 - But he [was] wounded for our transgressions, [he was] bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace [was] upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

Juan Carlos Estrada



No my periods got worse after giving birth. Lies I have even gotten anemic due to them being so heavy.

Gaby Puente

Mi mamá dijo lo mismo que no volvía a estar conmigo en el parto y efectivamente no estuvo porque le tocó cuidar a mi niña jajaajaja...

Selene Estrada

If you are breast feeding it’s normal not to get your period my doctor said I have a seven month old baby and I’m breast feeding and my time if the month isn’t monthly

Vanessa De La Cruz

Omg the intro is too much 😂

Angie Izaguirre

Aww was hoping for a positive honestly! Like I said on your last vlog, love watching your family bloom. Looked like you were hoping to be as well and it’s ok! I had a c-section with my son and 8 months later...I was pregnant and it was my easiest pregnancy. They’re 1 year and 5 months apart and it was great watching them grow up together ♥️ but don’t worry girl, when it’s time...it will happen 🥰 Blessings 💞

Darinka Pérez

Que hermosa intro 💕


I am in the same boat!!!


Jaylin is growing up so fast 😭 es una hermosa de bebe. Missed your vlogs love

Diana Ruiz

Omg casi me muero !!! 😅😅😅 when I saw the tittle


banned.video infowars.com

Get healthy With me

Girl having another baby would be a blessing and you would not regret it!!! I made the mistake of waiting 4 years because my life was so busy and I regret it so much !! My kids don’t play with each other because they are so far apart.



Alicia Aguirre

I dont get cramps no more since i had my son i am unregular sometimes i dont my period for 2 months them 3 month i do

s. keikhosro

Kir to koonetoon kooniha

Claribel Hernandez

That's how I was I had 2 c-section and that's how my period is now is getting better his going to be 1 and is barely getting better

Anaa Martinez

Whats good with you eyebrows shyt look ugly !

Elizabeth Turcios

Esta super linda me encanta verla saludos.


To be honest I think everyone’s period f’d up bc if this quarantine because I missed mine for 2 months too! And I’ve heard other people have irregular periods throughout this time
me: how comes no one is mentioning how every influencer is using northfy to grow on yt and ig

Manuela Marquez

Yo si me embaraze y mi nino tiene apenas el año y ya tengo 3 meses me da miedo xk es dificil😭😭 pero ahy ando 😂

Jennifer Alejandra Martinez Lovos

I almost cry when she said “Mama”😍🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

Yesica Castro

And it came out negative. Lol

Nikolai Kamolov

How dose someone make a almost 30 minute video about taking a piss on a stick. And it has 5 ads on it. And why do 86 thousand people want to watch this shit.

Jennifer Balbuena

I had the same symptoms it could be a UTI or kidney infection, hope you feel better!!

Alejandra Contreras

I got my period when I was about 10 months postpartum I think, and one month I would get it the 1st, then the 3rd and then the 6th I think so it’s been irregular. I think because i didn’t have a period for so long so it’s gonna take a little to be regular again. Did this happen to any other mommies?


You look different maybe it’s your eyebrows or your thinner face. Pero igual te ves hermosa ...

Diana Almanza

Second time watching the video but know she is Tending 🙏🏼😘

marcos lopez

Who cares


Yes she said mama!!! My baby too. He says it like Jaylin the “ma ma ma mama”

Nidia Lopez

Q hermosa jaylyn...disfrutala porq pronto cresen y se casan como mi hija...me dejo hase 2 semanas y aun me duele mi niña....y tiene 19..añitos..mi hija.

Veronica Rios

Bájale el colchón porque allí si se cae esos bebés son bien truchas para lastimarse😂

Jai Norman

Bad news

Anthony Gonzalez

Facts verse presents https://youtu.be/6WrGdgy_Als

Veronica Rios

Ayy no don’t do it what’s the point to try to have a bunch of kids it’s very machista how men wants soo many more than they can handle and the women in pain. Also you should enjoy your child she’s under 1! Enjoy her you don’t even know the rest of how she’ll be 😭 also I know you had help from your family but still. Unplanned wtf you have sex without contraceptives what do you think will happen 🤦‍♀️😹😹

Erenia Astudillo

If you're still breastfeeding that tends to happen hun. I went 5 months without getting it because I was breastfeeding and after I stopped breastfeeding my period went back to normal

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