Don't be a Tourist

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This one is for all you full time travelers-











Okami Kotori

in Paris they will tie bracelets around your wrist and demand money for it.

It's Griffin

I'm going to watching this video 1000 times probably, I'm from a very small town in Idaho and I'm planning to hopefully go up to NY to visit my SO in the winter depending on covid is. But yeah I'm anxious as hell, especially since I'll probably be by myself for most of the trip :')


1:08 Kinda looks like Hinata from Naruto-

Sour Kingdom


Hi Hi :P

6:15 this happened a lot in nyc for me

Basement Dweller

5:00 wow another cameo of me.


No I just dont want to go to a big city

Mehtab Uppal

Hi tabs

Jade ArcticWolf



me and my family went to paris, met a con artist at a resturaunt (a really good one)

we ended up spending 700 euros +100 euro tip

around 935 US dollars

Rainbow Marc Galactic Wisard

In Spain my parents told me they put extra stuff on there receipt
The place nearly got sued

Cody Cavaco

One dude was askin for socks on the sub lmao

Q- Q

Remember when Tabbes was our little secret? XD


I have never and will probably never go to an another country other than my home country so i dont need to worry about this.
Broke life

Alllegs Nosorso

Also I heard of acid attacks which actually seems unlikely but yeah

I sort of have a list of reason of why I should never go to major cities

Sorry I’m not chad enough

rachel oyekan




Yo I recognise the Stick Rpg 2 soundtrack in this one! Love that game, great use for a city video too

Christopher Animations

1:10 hinata from naruto


I'm a guy and I will most likely cry if people are rude to me. Maybe not right away in front of them, but you can bet I'll cry.

And I feel like shit for this.

solange cadichon


ii flxrally ii

congrats on 12 on trending!!

Michbot Mfang

Oh good I was worried that the trust issues weren’t included for a second

Spencer Strider

I’m from New York, born and raised but I now live in Florida due to family complications. Every year me and my dad go up to NY to see family and shop around a bit just cus we get homesick. The most recent trip was for my birthday this year. Here’s the thing, NY streets are cold in December and the walking is brutal especially when you have bad asthma, which was me. We were on our way to pick up tickets for a show we were gonna see that night when we pass by this group on run down Elmo’s. I was completely out of it and didn’t notice my dad speeding up to try and pass them. Before I knew it a fuzzy arm was wrapped around me and he was asking if I wanted a picture. I didn’t say anything and looked around for my dad, who was way far ahead by that point. I fucking panicked and ran down that street, shaking off the dudes arm to catch up to my dad. I knew it was a scam to get money after but like I said, I had asthma and it was cold and polluted, so my brain was shutting down. Anyways yeah my dad said the obvious “they only want money” and we continued our walk. Please be careful if you are a tourist in NY these slimy creatures love to profit on children and desperate parents, especially if you seem weak.

Antonis Theodoridis

Dont forget the ticket inspectors. This happened to me once when I was in a foreign country and this inspector spooted me in the bus. I had paid for a legit ticket in a nearby store and was holding it in my hand the whole time. I also put it through the machine that public bus have. However as soon as the bitch realized i was a tourist she started yelling in some zulu language with an angry tone trying to make a scene and make me feel uncomfortable because apparently my ticket had a little wrinkle that was a suspicion of a fake ticket .After 2 very akward minutes she threw me in the next station threatening to call the police like I give a shit and eventually she asked me for 2 bucks and let me go. I found out after a while from a local that ticket inspectors in that region do that to tourists and it seemed to be working for them lol

Exotic Butters

your on trending in uk, nice.

Nat Correa

Now imagine going to school in Times Square and experiencing ALL of this everyday?

east coast republicans

The CD and DVD guys are fucking annoying.

Meep !

For those who want to visit New York City:
1. Always stay on the right side of the sidewalk/train
2. Never fall for people who come up to you and ask if you want to ride those big red busses (or ones with signs that say "rides as low as $1) unless you want to waste $20 on a slow ride down two blocks when you could've walked
3. Don't freak out if something happens. Honestly a fight could happen, then right afterwards everyone just goes back to what they're doing. Keep it moving y'all and stay safe

Areli Salazar


Long Shot

happened to my friend once 5:50 he got a cd from some guy well he was at some city. got home and give it a try and there was nothing on it. it was a blank cd.


the kiosk workers at the mall watching this like: 😡😡😡

Russia Ублюдок

this is why I’m an introvert

Dimi Odufote

Fact in New York city



Srirohith Venkapalli

Now that's the reason why me and my parents don,t go in trains because of this types of situation

Your Friendly Neighborhood Smark

I feel like you’re just talking about NewYork 😂

EK Valdez

Play the cd in a vid


Haha come in Chad!

Kimberlee Hernandez

I'm not sure if people realize this but Tabbes has her own Webtoon

Virginio Martinez

Once i went to Jamaica, there was this one person who kept on following me and my mom, when my mom turned around to ask what she wanted she said "C'mon these plastic birds look really cute right?" And my mom just agreed and walked away but she kept on following us "Please take it, it took me 3 whole day without water, without aur conditioning, please just take it for 20 dollars" and my mom got so annyoed because she would not leave us alone so she gave her the money and a few minutes later, we saw the same birds in a shop they were 1 dollar

Michael Pearson

Missed opportunity at the end to charge us for the tips.

Aaron Leroux

I’m trying to figure out your gender

Jakob Stewart

I can’t tell if this is racist or not

EK Valdez



Eight thousand, five hundred thirty seventh!

PM Universe

Good tips! I wonder if these will work in Disney world?

slow soda

this is why i dont travel, no money and cant stand 'tourist' etiquette. rather stay home and be me in my hood

Sarah Bocker

This video is like a handbook: "How to be a New Yorker... and Live to Tell the Tale." I love it!

Matt From Wii Sports

Tourists watching this just die

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