Beerus VS Sailor Galaxia (Dragon Ball VS Sailor Moon) | DEATH BATTLE!

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They live for destruction, but now one must destroy the other!
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Whoa, the internet will never live this one down!

The Filthiest Casual

The funny thing is Beerus could theoretically just wear his hakai energy like suit of armor automatically destroying any attack that comes his way.

Kirk Ducharme

Btw me when I saw Zulu and todoroki 😃😃😃

Fav 4


Kirk Ducharme

Meliodis vs the main character from demon slayer

Jason Dobbins

Wait what about Pac-Man versus juggernaut

Darkray 8888

Beerus wouldn’t care until she destroys his ice cream then. She’s god damn dead

Whoahthere Big fella

How is nobody talking about chuck Norris and sagata in the back ground

Matt G

So we're just being feminists and pretending these 2 are on par? How sad. Good for the gals though, whatever reinforces your guilded vaginas. Even if beerus won, this is a literal slap in the face to anyone who watched this back in the day.

Kaden Koskovich

I’m confused about what happened with the crystal thing at the end of the fight. How was beers able to counter it? I haven’t seen sailor moon so I don’t know the specific about the life crystal thing.


Meta knight vs Lucina, please?

JJ Uzamaki


i thought it would be a myth

DMG Mana

Also Beerus is Powerful enough to destroy Gag Manga characters so if Galaxia can't do that i see no hope for her surviving even 1 minute


Lucky Beerus is a cat. Imagine they put a man looking character fighting. All these feminists will scream sexist.

Ike Illue

Anyone else catch the fact that they calculated their speed under the assumption that the universes were the same size, then immediately after, they calculated power, while showing how the DB universe is far bigger (though they over did it with their estimate, but they low balled elsewhere, so what ever). I get why they did it. It would have been a lot harder for them to do the traditional 'it was a close fight' spiel, when they would have to immediately follow it with something like 'Beerus was around 9 times more powerful, and almost 18 times faster...'

Hyper Greninja

"B-but that's impossible!"
"NOW You're catching on!"

Jack Strange

13:37 Is that the Chuck Norris vs. Segata Sanshiro constellation I see in thw corner? Nice touch!

Seeker 9

Young winner come fear us, I'm a god like Beerus




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allan mercado

Can try to do a death battle with overwatch characters

The Champ2025

Worst death battle ever

Davies IJ

"You're no match, you lack the Instinct" Awesome line right there

Sir. D o k k a n

One quick Hakai should have done the trick

cody humble

17:45 the dbz universe is not bigger than ours. it's wayyyyyy smaller. like 6 0's smaller. DBZ universe is .0001% the size of ours.

Ruben Chavez

Next up... Trump vs Biden

Braxten Castle

Every dbz character won except Goku y’all bogus😭

Samuel Vera

So happy that Beerus took it. Don't care too much for the next two, but I'm betting Todoroki takes it.

DMG Mana

Well i wouldn't call Beerus almighty but yeah no i fon't care how many Supermen you guys merged into your version of Superman but 1 Hakai and he's done (also I mean Hakai not Energy of Destruction)
If she isn't Omnipotent Beerus wins

Tai Korczak

“Now you’re catching on. I AM THE IMPOSSIBLE!”


Love how she pokes beerus in the eyes and he’s like, “so you have chosen death.”

God of meme's

I like how, on this episode, it's literally a clash of Gods. And next time it's gonna be a couple of edgelords shooting fire at each other


Imma be honest galaxia didn’t stand a chance

Ian C

Good episode.
Also: Zuko, calling it now.


Ah yes, I am excited for the next episode.

Zuko vs. Alolan Zuko.

Jorge Luevano

Alright Lord Beerus 💪


But beerus never learned ultra instinct


Kratos versus Monkey D Luffy. Make it happen boys

Sy Chiavatti

Someone needs to put this in the Ksi reddit

Dashing Kevs

I need to see Groudon(pokemon) vs Death saurer(zoids)


Man I've missed this

David Adeloya

I love sentry i hopr you put im in the next video

David Adeloya


monc hilqs

me : clicks in the video .

also me : sees that the amount of dislikes is small .

" guess beerus won . "


Well, if Beerus had lost, that dislike ratio would have been a lot different.


Beerus does have ultra instinct idiots

Madiq is sum Ting wong

They should do cartoon cat vs pennywise kr cartoon cat vs the mask

MaxMoon Typhlosion

They nerffed beerus in this fight he kept attacking for 11 seconds while his opponent was behind him he is stronger than that.

Charged -_-void

Well. What do you know the god of destruction won

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