70th Anniversary Grand Prix: Race Highlights

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A new name was added to this years’ winners list as we closed the show on two fantastic weekends at Silverstone.

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sj wishtofly

Formula 1 is actually really boring. We can predict the results before the race lol

Rahul Luthra

F1 isn't fun anymore cause you already know who will win no point watching it anymore


Too bad Vettel had yet another sbinnala moment... Sbinnatimus Prime

Madison Myrie

Ric: spins gets a 7 from the autosport transgender
Vet: spins but the gets a 4

John Juanda

Alex albon is garbage. That dude is KILLING red bulls chances at a constructors.

Marry Berkouwer

And that is nummer 1, hope that 2 is coming soon

Malek Dabbous

Can someone tell me why did Racing point box Hukk towards the end? Is it to let Stroll win ? I'm guessing it would damage Stroll's reputation further if Niko wins despite not having driven an F1 car in a year?

James Sawyer

Albon, what a beast.

PMT Simracing

Epic driving from Albon! :O

Yigithan Demirdik

What was the reason Mercedes fcked up with their tires? Anyone knows?


Super max

Glitch Man

I have idea for you Formula 1 - get our comments up on that Virtual Fan Display or whatever its called - sure going to be comedy then!!!

Orella Minx

So glad the cheater Hamilton didn't win this race.


David ‘Let me shout even louder’ Croft

1000 lighters

Max verstappen

අනන්තය _ Ananthaya_Unendlich

Verstappen is a chetar


Can somebody tell me why they put hard tyres on hamilton`s car when there`s 10 laps to go?

Aydin Karatas

Why did they do Silverstone twice?

Гриха m9c-m9c

I don't like Max like a person but he's a fastest driver in the world




Well done Max !

Tshepo Mohutsiwa

Fantastic race well done Max ????????????????

Mark Wijmans

Hamilton showed some real gruesome and nasty true colors this race when he's not cruising unchallenged to a win. "must've less pressure or something" very unsportsman like. Standing 2nd like he finished last. Yes he races to win but that's not the attitude of a person that claims he welcomes more challenging racing

Kushal Atreya

what has happened to Kimi, has he aged?

Paulo Victor Pereira Ribeiro

The F1 could do the 12-hour race in Abu Dhabi last season with two drivers on each team. I think it would be very interesting. The scoring criterion for each driver would be given for their best performance.

33 da Great

The commentator is so excited when the race start, he's talking so loud and rapidly. You can see him in the screen 0:19 ????


Ooooh, some great overtakes from Albon! Against the likes of... Alfa Romeo... and Alpha Tauri... and Daddy's cash on old tyres... oh my. 40 seconds behind yet again, while Verstappen managed it and win. Either Verstappen is really good or Albon is overrated. Yes, it's both.

Adam Weidl

Max made the best call that’s the gentle play between boss and driver great call Max. You saved that race for yourself great driving.

Steve B

The race for fourth is heating up

Robert Fredie

Podium be like ==> 33 + 44 = 77 ????????????

Ice Angel

The way Bottas gave p1 to Max proved for a million time, what i m saying again and again. He is b class driver at his best! Lewis will demolish all Schumi s records, first poles now he equalized podiums ,soon victories, and probably championships. Get in there Lewis....

Jao 27


Azz Azz

Ban Leclerc and Norris for teaming XD

Mars Attacks

Stroll doesn't belong in F1, only there because of daddy's money and it was so clear the team sabotaged Hülkenberg. Look at how Albon made him look terrible.

Fahad Adil


Guillaume Stope

Even in f1 drivers must keep social distance

alvaro vitali

C'mon Honda show those germans who's the boss ????????


Gracias nuevamente pirelli por hacer emocionante esta f1

Sgt. Cheeseburger


Vettel: s????️innala

Mauricio Brault

One again Binotto poor chasis for Sebastian, Mauricio Arrivabene return please

Louis Joubert

This is what happens when you hydrate

オタク ハイキュー


Jiří Lang

Why is he so shouting ????

po nei eu

Ferrari is killing Seb


glad to see Mercedes facing some competition for once.


2:33 no track limits? Should gave the place back

Hyon D

So if you compare with cars performances, Leclerc might be one of the best these days :D


Red Bull have the third fastest car right now and are being hard carried by their drivers.

Wörle Simone


gandung laksono

max is the best driver right now.. he got the skill and bunch of guts in his early carrier..but still made a lot of mistakes.. now he got the experience.. he will conquer f1 soon i think..
and he is already a legend according to lando.. ????

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