New videos of Beirut massive explosion emerging online

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More videos of the Beirut explosion are emerging, showing the blast’s devastating impact in a matter of seconds.

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I Watch Everything

What have we done in 2019 that make 2020 so bad?

David Mcpherson

Baby George sure came in with a bang....


কেয়ামত কিভাবে হবে.. একবার ভেবে দেখ মানুষ

ElizaUK Samad

Omg child by window..couldn’t watch it..so scary

نريمان الاعرجي

تقريبا 200قتيل وأكثر من 4000جريح
⁦☹️⁩⁦☹️⁩⁦☹️⁩الله يرحمهم ويشفي الجرحى ????????⁦????????⁩

Raymond Caylor

Oh my goodness, what a horrific video.

Jax Jhin



Beirut is a city that fancies itself an extension of Europe, only to be reminded occassionally that it is in the mid-east.


So either baby George is the anti christ or Christ himself . Ain’t no way an entrance like that was for some normal ass baby

Sean & Jocelyn Flenders

As if giving birth is not terrifying enough...

noorrr Rab

The dust and the force makes it look very big however it’s just less damage

Tony Samson

0:36 Can u imagine those children being desensitized, to tht way of life, if they make it to adulthood? We're living n extremely dangerous times; we must all pray! ????

Fatimah Alshahrani

‏-أستغفرك ربي خضوعاً لك.
‏-أستغفرك ربي تعلقاً بك .
‏-أستغفرك ربي طلباً لمغفرتك
‏-أستغفرك ربي شوقاً إلى جنتك.
‏-أستغفر الله العظيم وأتوب إليه .
‏-أستغْفِركَ ربي حِين تلهينَا الدُّنيا عن ذِكرك.
‏-أستغْفرُ الله العظيم الذي لا اله الا هو الحي القيوم واتوب اليه لي ولوالدي ولجميع المسلمين والمسلمات والمؤومنين والمؤومنات الاحياء منهم والاموات





2020 is the fucked up year we were all warned about.

Sabina Ruiz

Cómo vacío algunos comentariosp


Baby George is a Godsend!!!

Birat Roy

Watching this I wonder how the local japanese in Hiroshima have felt about the atomic bomb impact.

dubai dreams

This is same atomic blast

Triops Studios

George will have a blast telling his friends "I was born exactly during the great Beirut explosion"

Sara W

The ppl who caused this were so stupid. ????

Simon Robson



This was a nuclear weapon. There is video of the bomb coming down, it actually looks like a cruise missile

I am not sure that is not what it was.

Joshua Castle

They should have named that baby after someone that died or maybe something ironic that we could find humor in later in life

sem nome

Boy will be an explosive guy

Kristen Herrera

Would fire that nanny 100000000%%%%%%

William Wiedmeyer

Lol Anza

Lawrence Ding

I wonder if baby George is gonna grow up with the nickname Explosive George.

x13x Monkeys

I pray for you all!❤️????????

Greg Thornton

thank the gods for shatterproof glass. those kids would have been gone..


“2020 can’t get any worse” life has a funny way to approve that you’re wrong


That baby has one legendary backstory

pak chav gas

so they then decide to riot...

Baptist Bear

Welcome to 2020, George!


Hey random person scrolling down the comments..

Have a wonderful day :)


Remember those old DUCK AND COVER FILMS.... yeah folks you see a big boom.... hit the deck.

Cristhian Macias

El que lo uso fue de maldad

Copycat Singers

I wonder who did the explosion?!


" no one was hurt"
person on the ground squirming
"mom and children are fine"
audio: literal screeching


Little baby george knows how to make an entrance

Le fou Man


Antonio Lopez

Not my greatest fap????????

Trayon Robinson


Horizon Foz

What were they thinking storing concentrated amount of TNT equivalent chemical together...

Planet Earth

Down down Israel!!

El Kid

bloody outro ruined the clip - youtube sucks

jjj Jade

SAD MUSIC I AM CRYING :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( u can just show video without sad music pls ? what is sad propaganda.

Michele Hen

I AM PRAYING FOR EVERYONE. I PRAY U ARE NOT IN PHYSICAL PAIN RIGHT AT THIS VERY MOMENT ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? PEACE & LOVE TO ALL❤❤❤????????????????


The reason these things happen there is no attention ever paid to Jesus God's son. Just some guy who calls himself Buda . Bad things for the Godless, they don't do things God's way and can't expect more


Concussion travelled a long way. Very powerful blast!

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