Beirut blast: Lebanon in mourning after massive explosion - Top stories this morning - BBC

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Lebanon is in mourning after a huge explosion in the capital Beirut killed at least 78 people and injured more than 4,000 others on Tuesday. The whole city was shaken by the blast, which began with a fire at the port which exploded into a mushroom cloud. President Michel Aoun said 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate had been stored unsafely in a warehouse for six years. He scheduled an urgent cabinet meeting for Wednesday, and said a two-week state of emergency should be declared. The country will observe an official period of mourning for three days from Wednesday.

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Bingham Guevara

That blast looks like an atomic apocalypse


so shocked

Tao Lu

Let’s see if the govt prosecutes itself for allowing thousands of tons of ammonium nitrate to be stored on the city’s doorstep.


The explosion is huge???? Prayers from Alberta????



Zev Libin

How the hell will this country function without a port? For probably years now

Funny Bunny

I'm an Algerian sister. My heart is with you my brother and sisters in Beirut.
اختكم من الجزائر، شافا الله جرحاكم ورحم موتاكم. العالم العربي ككل يبكي مأسآتكم...

Crisp Rat

big bada boom


The explosion looked like something that came out from a movie scene

Jaeger Man


Pat T

This isn't just fireworks and nitrate.... that is an atomic blast.

Akanbi Oluwasheun

May God comfort the nation of Lebanon. Unimaginable

Regular Bastard

Everybody gansta until a firework causes a tiny nuke


It's all happening my friends.........


Makes me ashamed to see all the jokes in the comment section. Have some empathy.


Why would they call a YT channel BBC I mean come on.

Sarochka Boshnak

I swear , yesterday I went to the capital Beirut in the morning and I was near that place but thanks God I came back home before the explosion . How lucky am i ! ????

حمودي حمودي


Prabhjot Verma

I don't know why all the worse things happen in 2020...????????????????

Graham Dawson

Did anyone hear the presenter at the start say July 5th not August 5th.

Mutasem Jariro

When you get 25 killstreak in cod

Tactical nuke incoming it's over!!!!

It's just a joke.


Some bloody explosion wow

ZadfrackGlutz Zesozose

IAF Aircraft mounted tactical laser.

Must be election time.

hunnynothanks ._

My mom showed me a video of the explosion and it broke my heart. 2020 is not it. I really hope that city can recover and build up to be better. I am going to pray for them tonight. <3

adrian asigurari

My thoughts and prayers goes now to those who suffer after this disaster!
Love from Romania!

roblox roblox

*Beirut Blast Wow Im a big explosion

*Sauron From lord of the rings be like You dare oposs me Mortal!

Pino Kio

Just seeing that shockwave from the blast heading towards you is scary enough.

Liora Elias

Poor people :(

Mermaid Moon

Sham Libanon ????????♥️???????????? from an Afghan Pachtun ???????? ( Born & Raised In ????????)

Brendan Boivin

What happened to my bomb?

Jesse Pinkman

Ask Mossad explosive specialists...

Bob Thompson II

This is the same exact same thing that happend in Texas city Texas back in the 40's


Just for the people that don’t know how this happened, basically a truck carrying a bunch of fireworks set on fire somehow, which ended up setting off the fireworks then the truck blew up when the fireworks where going off so it basically made a bomb


Imagine your day just turning into chaos, I hope they are fine. May Allah Bless them. I wish patience on the those dealing with loss.

Gaming Officials

Le China ???????? : I will build their port.

Hamza Shaalan

3rd biggest explosion in history ????????

Finn McCool

The Fire works looked like RPG rounds or Rockets cooking Off

Ina Tradisha

Ina Lillah Waa ina ilayhi rajicuun my dua are with Lebanoon ????????????????????????????????

Mangskhem khongliar

All the people who died n injured thy were blessing by our Havenly Father. God save them bz they did not knw what the worse n what is right and wrong...

Wyld Card

This is definitely Lebonon's 9/11

yuuraj singh bagha Raman

So sad


2020 is gonne be a lot to learn in the history books

Eleonora Provenzano

Sending lots of love from Italy???????? to Lebanon????????
Praying for all human beings affected by this tragedy????????❤


5 months until 2020 is finished.....
any guesses for the next disaster?

Dan Alvarez

01:32 he said July the fifth instead of August

Frezzmanxd Gamer

What if 2020 is a trailer of 2021. If it is I’m moving to mars who’s coming with me?


Only 30 years after the end of the Lebanese Civil War in 1990, during which time pretty much everyone was involved in that part of the world: Palestinians, Syrian troops, Israëli troops, UN troops, Iranian, Russian and American intelligence and special forces, the entire city of Beirut looked pretty much like the damaged buildings in this video.

In late 1983, the USMC barracks in Beirut was hit by a massive suicide bomb installed inside a truck that rammed the gate and drove into the building before detonating. The explosion lifted the entire building six meters into the air, killing over 300 people.

Before the war started in 1975, Beirut had been a very prosperous city, dubbed the 'Geneva of the Middle East.'
I just looked it up but I cannot find it on the internet yet I know from memory that the place was called that before 1975 because it was a haven of peace and prosperity.

Marsh Arafat

Can we just end this year from here?
And we welcome 2021


I smell something fishy here! ????

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