RAW VIDEO: Beirut blast caught on camera

Просмотров: 6 107 504 • 06.08.2020
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The moment of the huge Beirut explosion was caught on camera by social media users.

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Anthony Pupillo


ana enriquez

Me duele ver esa explocion parece sona de guerra y me recordó al terremoto que viví en el 85 en la ciudad.de.mexico al ver todo derrumbado y los coches hechos.chatarra hay que horar por los que perdieron sus.vidas y por los que están heridos

amir hamdan

Im kinda crying cuz i liv in Lebanon

Eternally Dying Inside

Oh boy, I’m not gonna be surprised if there’s gonna be a chain reaction around the world after this explosion.

AbuB66h- /ابو بطه


IllusiveElk 255

This cannot have been an accident.

Kevin Scott Remache

Rip to all the people that died in that explosion and prayers for their family.

Gabriella Jenkins

May all those who died Rest In Peace


Did this guy just a fireworks factory. Jheez Sky News really scraping at the barrel here. The damn thing looked like a nuclear bomb.

Sideshow BOB

First part of the year is gone, now ths will get back on track...

August : Hold my 2020 calendar


This is Israel’s doing.

idc if you didnt ask, im telling you

people talking about how 2020 got worse and if those people made it out alive but im wondering why the person filming took out their phone to do said filming of this instead of taking cover

Ash Poly

That is no ACCIDENT

• Oωo

Me: listening to Jontron singing fireworks
Sky news: “fireworks warehouse”
Me: oh-


https://youtu.be/dgA0qBVG_9w Macroni


And they try to say it was " fireworks"

Sean Preston-Singh

I wonder if the bodies are still intact enough to fertilize the ground...

Ari Ari

noms on popcorn I guess 2020 is the Devil’s number now.


How did these explosions happen

Escortz Plays



Im sorry for those who were affected by this event

But that explosion looks hella smooth.

Il GhostR lI

Wtf caused this

Duolingo Owl


Fizzo Bucker

"The End Is Near We Need To Repent" ????????????

Everybody : We are tired of the Lockdown too



Do they know what caused this?

Phil N McCrevis

Causing $42 dollars in damage

David Playz Random Games

I'm praying to God that everyone can recover and that the people who died are in heaven


???? Donate directly, don't use proxies like the Clinton foundation! Else the Lebanese people will never see that money.

Sly Cooper

It was ammonia stored for years that cause this not fireworks

Ethan Chichester

Anyone else think the thumbnail was Santa?

abdicasiis Abdullahi

Israel Nuclear

Wasim Akhtar



2020 just got worse.

lorry lazzaro

Looks like Santa Claus repaying the world trade centre


Well it didn’t happen near where I live so I don’t care

I scream fitness


fightlikesani mk

It was bad at first, but as I saw that white fluff shoot up into the sky I was like...O M G.

Funny touching videos TV

Watch who caused the explosion in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon ???????????????????????????????? https://youtu.be/MJQYcgd5UGA
#Focus well ????

Antea Stassi

I haven’t seen a video of this blast yet where the camera and/or camera-person didnt get knocked to the ground.

pj. lulli

sending my prayers to peoples family that was in the explosion..rip

Norma Sandoval

So we are going to ignore the fact that there were missile stockpiles there in Beirut


I hope people didn't drink the rainfall water afterwards

Saucy Wench

Those were ordinance charges going off, not fireworks. Anyone whose ever watched a video of a building being demolished knows those were bombs exploding, not fireworks.

Irodi Daniel

Imagine 2020 it is just a trailer for 2021..

Samuel Nelson

They need to stay away from ground zero, they may get some sort of radiation poisoning. I saw Chernobyl, it gets ugly after a couple of weeks.

Saleena Dwivedi


Do check out the link ????
For more update

Adam Popo

I feel bad for the pepole that died at that time pray there family. Stay strong????


Yeah its funny how people is calling us terrorists while we are the most getting hurt from them

alessio zeullo

O:51 ufo?

Jason Clark

What was the cause of the explosion

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