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My first journey into wood gas has been quite a ride, but will work.....

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Well this was a journey, I've got a way better design in me but I love the trail and error and I know you like seeing it all to, stay tuned for the ultimate garden swing. Limit stock available on the merch so get it quick https://www.colinfurzeshop.com

Logan Ireland

Next up: steampunk go-kart

Josh Adama

Hmm he's familiar with steel wool stuffed in a pipe . Who knew

On Scope

what a cool guy!

Wicked Fast

Now make a grass powered chainsaw

OJD Creative

Should have been a wood powered chain saw

Rhyborg Up here

Make a grass powered lawnmower

Cyrille Bournival

Careful, this is carbon monoxide!


Anyone else had a wood gas ad before the video?

Steven Ahearn

Your crazy


this is good fun, there was a show called stuck with Hacket and he used Obtainium to make a train that ran on the exact same principle, great video

William Eckford

Neighbor borrowes lawn mower

Neighbor where’s the petrol

Colin points to the tree at the end of the garden

Neighbor what ever you say

Brian kip

this guy could build a car using his own gueniusness

Michael Taylor

steam punk

Nicolai Lissau

You are so insanely persistent ????????????

Garrett Johnson

Reminds me of North Korea

Nils Müller

well thats not even close to climate neutral energy


He needs to put one of these on his screw tank

Michael Lester

Use a multi stage water filter, it will filter the tar and cool the gasses

20k subscriber without a Video challenge

To the random person you are amazing stay safe and healthy and rock the world...

Btw read my name????


Omg https://youtu.be/DAWBePDo3so

infinit god

could you make just a white hoodie?

Moritz Tresselt

Can you make a coal powered Wood gasification barbeque (To have all three sides covered)?

mathias spolen

it should be grasspowered


How much wood would wood gas burn with wood gas made by Furze?
If the gas were made by Furze, how much wood would wood gas burn?

FPS Russia

This guy can build anything..

Roy van de Walle


VF555 Fotia

when is Colin going to get a new lathe


Mad genius goes full dad-mode with the mower XD keep up with the awesome content Colin!


all i could think about when Colin got it running https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ElWlUr_tw8


A jet powered gasifier lawnmower that you can ride a quarter mile in ten seconds next ?
Or is that too crazy even for Colin who clearly is a genius.

Plas yn ial Llandegla

Who else saw this early in bbc shed of the year?

Arkive Studios

Who needs a plasma cutter, just call Colin Furze

DarkMage 01

I wonder how The Colony solved the smoky fuel issue....


Fred would be so proud

Livingthedream 801

Would have been cooler if he built a "Grass Powered Lawn mower" JS.

Kyle Hallifax

Can you notify me personal when you release merchandise as I cant always watch your videos the same day


Colin is the craziest, yet smartest madman i have ever seen

Steve Williams

Well that's it.. the price of wood just went up like..... toilet paper ????


WRONG! You need lawn-powered-lawn mower. Unlimited power, because physics =P Great video!


When you watch GARAGE 54

Guus Haak

I’m not surprised if it has been said before, but I think you are a genius. Amazing to watch.

lawrence walker

Your mad totally nuts in a good way

Stuart Geers

his face at 10:00 <3


I wish colin was a teacher cuz i would take his class in a heartbeat


Soooo how does the gas power the motor?


Hi Colin great vid, could you make a gun which toasts bread then fires it out for one of your next videos


Should have made it grass powered


Woodgas pulsejet would be fun.????

xp granted

Honestly were can I get one that a cool

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