Joe Rogan Experience #1512 - Ben Shapiro

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#1512. Ben Shapiro is editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire, syndicated columnist, and host of “The Ben Shapiro Show” is available on SoundCloud and iTunes. His new book How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps is available now everywhere. @Ben Shapiro


Atta boy Ben!

Ryan Singer

these two together are the best! Keep it up boys

Ronald Horsley

i wanna hear ben cry and hear him say please dont take my lunch money


Get Steven crowder!


Its so obvious Joe is a shill nowadays

Chris Wriglesworth

Since Ben can't have Joe's elk meat, I'll gladly take his portion.

Main Drainer

I do not agree one bit with Ben Shapiro's ideology but he is very very entertaining to listen to thats for sure.

Manny Singh

Ben is so one directional. Joe god bless you. Hes so much hard work and hes all about him and his religious, cultural crew. What ever that means. He made that obvious.


Idk why Rogan keeps interviewing this weasel.

James Murray

Wow...one of the highest dislikes for a JRE video.

Michael Steinkogler

the problem is you can't make people work, that bluntly don't want to work and are proud of it.


The way Joe wears his Headphones... O_o


Get David Icke on????????


Good pushback from both Joe and Ben on their respective areas. I only thought that Ben's logic was off on the Collin Kaepernick part. He sort of missed the point of how it was a good way to shine light on a problem (even if the exact angle Collin was taking on the issue was not statistically supported. Example: while the statistics don't show that police killing blacks is the primary concern for black people in america, the likelihood to target and use force on them is higher and it breeds distrust and this shouldn't be ignored. Police brutality is an issue; undeniable. And when it is actually occurring disproportionately it will be looked at in racial terms. So Collin was in the right there.) Also, Kaepernick shifted to kneeling as recommended by a veteran who discussed things with him. Kaepernick was open to discourse. It was people like Trump who tried to silence him that were the real problem.
And now it escalated to protesting when people felt ignored and shut down (by the president).
And now rioting.
Acknowledging a lot of what Kaepernick had to say and having an open dialogue could have prevented this current mess we are in. I would kneel with Kaepernick. it's the smart thing to do.

Patrick Brownfield

Get Peter Joseph back on here


Ben who?? Dudes worthless

Lena J.

What a relief that there are sane, just normal people around... I’ve been getting desperate seeing what’s been happening. Many politicians are doing whatever it takes to get to the power. They are destroying the country. I wonder what they are going to do with all these crowds if they win. They’ll need to pay the bills. I wonder how. Thanks to both of you. You give me hope. You are intelligent, moral and loving our country people.

Bryce Liberty

Loving the variety of guests you have on the show. Sincerely, 1/2 Democrat & 1/2 Republican viewer.


Why does Rogan put on guests who represent apartheid and unending wars in the middle East?


Funny how very young Ben Shapiro gets to say what gestapo-esque behavior is and isn't because he's Jewish... He's another right-wing sheep, sheltered and conditioned to mindlessly accept authority without question. Downplaying the epidemic of police brutality and victim blaming as well, he probably would have also justified selling out his family to the nawtsees.

Steven B.

this guy is the worst. he even tries to politicize being a shitty dad


Watch ben at .75 speed and it sounds normal lol

mike tomlin

Both these anti science wankers believe human races exist!!!



Bennie Gray

Anybody notice that Ben Shapiro seems to be for regulation in social issues , but when it comes to economic issues he's against regulations


Thank you Joe for really challenging Ben & showing him how myopic his view on the world is

Jackson Winters

Joe (about your daughter face swapping thing) all this new technology is just like 100 years ago when people went through mass industrialization excelling new manufacturing and Science it because nobody new how to use it. The world went to war because of the unknown future ahead while people we left behind to try and catch up.

Joshua Rose

Great one. Wish it could have been longer.

Brandon Keidl

Joe's kneeling argument is terrible lol. He knows his argument is full of shit too, so why even make it?

The kneeling for the flag was meant as an "F-U" to the country, there is zero debate on that.

Cristian Calvelli

So good having him on great convo!

Bailey Ouderkirk


Mike Ernsting

I want to see Ben Shapiro and Jon Stewart in a room talking about this stuff for a couple hours

Joshua Levers

Can’t believe we had to wait till 1:09:30 to find out Ben’s wife is a doctor


The moment De Blasio and other democrats gave a free pass to BLM "protests" is the moment we jumped the shark.


People need to look foreword and take responsibility for their actions.
Stop blaming the past. Because more than one race has been put through atrocities. Be judged on the content of character not skin color. That goes for all lives.

Because I Count

https://youtu.be/unXw_TQSpFw it took à Chinese Dr from the US 10 years to research & verify the organ harvesting of the Falun Gong while alive. Please remember it’s not just the Uyghur Muslims (who happen to be Sunni & rumoured to be supplying the Arab market) that are suffering. China & Iran (Sh’ite) drafted a trade & military agreement in July - BTW Farrakhan visited Iran refers people as termites - the Tutsis were referred to as cockroaches & that led to Genocide. Iran fund Hamas Hezbollah & back president Assad. The squad & Linda Sarsour are aligned with Farrakhan & Muslim Brotherhood Farrakhan has spoken in the past saying that he wants his own state


Joe you don't realize you're just arguing that the black population shouldn't have kids.. You'll never get rid of the drugs period without decriminalizing them and stop treating them or the alternate fixes like criminals and or un-needed. But America is in business with the Cartels to keep most drugs illegal as well as contracts with Pharma companies.. The fix is something the federal government will never do. What people need to do if they want change in general is universally stop paying taxes.. if everyone stops they cant do shit, we're worth more alive to the government than dead.

Manny Singh



Shapiro for president.


Shapiro/Peterson for president.


I don’t like Ben Shapiro but I always give these videos a thumbs up because they’re still good.

Kevin Contreras

Joe Rogan - Ben Shapiro part 2!!!! This convo seemed to fly by too quick!! Thankfully they went over my curiosity of Elk meat, monkeys and shrooms! ????????????

John Waters

Honestly I agree with Ben on the phone thing. The first thing I did when my parents weren’t around was look at pornography. Honestly fuck reddit for defending this nonsense. Also, guns are pretty cool.


We musicians want to see Eddie Kramer on the podcast please! He recorded Hendrix and zeppelin among other greats! Please help continue the rock n roll legacy by getting Eddie Kramer on the cast!!

Unpaid Shill

1:29:00 I’ve been trying to make this point for so long.
If you have to actively search for examples of real world overt racism and the best you can find is someone wearing makeup on their face to dress up as a character/person for a costume party, maybe you’re wrong about how much racism there really is.
Don’t these people think that if there were real vicious racially motivated hate crimes that occurred that it would be front page on every newspaper on the planet?
And still they either can’t find any real ones (in at least the last 20 years) or the ones they try to use turn out to be fabrications and hoaxes.
When do we collectively realize we’ve basically already defeated real racism?

JP Lezon

My question is "who is shorter?" Shapooru probably has a quarter rogan over rogan. (Thats 1.1inches. A rogan is a China man's limp. 3.3 inches) #Bearlife #unsubscribed

Oisin McKibbin

Please someone hit me up with the time stamp for them discussing “Karen’s” ????

Yusuf Jinadu

Lol Ben spilt nonsense forgetting Young Jamie can pull shit up. Can#t believe people regard this chap as an intellectual.

Shah Galib Hassan Winner

Heard the teachers in us and other western countries are underpaid so where does these huge invests of money go.

mark s

A black woman was freaking out and hitting a vehicle over someone being bumped into, not only did no-one call her a Karen but the woman who had to pull a gun to protect herself was charged with a crime. That shows me that calling someone "Karen" is definitely racist and it's sad to see Joe Rogan falling into this

The Great and Powerful Tree

When a business has chea, super thin toilet paper i use 8x as much to teach those corporations a lesson

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