Verstappen's Dramatic Sunday, Hamilton Wins And The Best Team Radio | 2020 Hungarian Grand Prix

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The best of the airwaves from the Hungaroring - it's team radio highlights!

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Magnuson's p9 is F1 gold

Renish Luke

Nicholas Latifi: the new S????inala


Verstappen is such a class act man

XK Clearly

Lance’s engineer sounds so fed up with him lmao


Why they gotta put who wins in the title? Especially since it was only posted a day after

Duval In The Wall

Verstappen in 2019: Fuck we finished P2

Verstappen in 2020: Fuck yes we finished P2!

Duval In The Wall

For all the people that Stroll, he’s one of the more likeable guys on the grid


The ``Blind`` from verstappen sounds like seb said it

Quisson Jesus

red bull only care about Max, sad truth

Naveen Kumar Parameswaran

where is the vettels stratergy radio?


Press "F" for the Redbull's mechanics!

Metalleon 24

Honestly come on Red Bull you need to sort yourselves out and quit fucking Albon by dumb decisions. I know it’s gonna be hard to beat the Mercs but don’t make it even more harder on yourselves


No one wants to watch Racist Hamilton and Mercedes buy another championship. Congratulations on destroying F1. Hamilton is too stupid to realize he is causing racism and making it worse!

John Doe

How boring is that ????

Patrick HD

If only Verstappen had a car equal to Hamilton’s car... Byebye Hamilton

Squeezy l Squeezomania

3:39 I can't be the only one to notice that that ain't Charles xd

green circle

I wonder what would happen if Verstappen joined Mercedes and raced with Hamilton

AM Worx

2020: smells like a bbq

F vdP

Stroll at three? Tells more about the mercedes than the driver. Lol

Robert I Baratheon

Americans when they win: YEAAAAAAAAH
French when they win: ALLEEEEEEZ
Spanish when they win: TOMAAAAAAAAA

Brits when they win: GeT iN tHeRe (?)

Marco Zambelli

I thought this video included also vettel's choice to put on the medium instead of the softs. Seb has for sure great experience and knows really well the dynamics of a race, but what surprised me most is that the team always seems to improvise the strategies! Seb deserves a better team and a better car, I wish him the best for next season.

Ethan Zhang

today we got "get in there lewis" twice


Magnussen on P9 sounds happier then Stroll on P4

Ferreira N

I truly want my wife to be supportive as Magnussen's engineer.

GameInfo TV

Get in there.........and This was a masterpiece......???????????? the most said sentences in the F1 history...yawn...????????

Alex Tapisevic

Silverstone: Is get lights in out there Lewis way we go.


Glad that Haas at least understand the tires this year. Too bad they are not on another power unit. The cheating Ferrari got dialed down about 100 hp it seems.


If only Kvyat had just had the balls to take the decision. Team didn't want the penalty HAAS did eventually get for speaking to the driver on the reconnaisance lap. Kvyat might have score huge points. He's great at such races.

Dave Holmes

Do people still watch this shit?

August J

kinda sus on both magnussen and the engineer there

Marco La Rocca

I think Charles meant „This car..rubbish“ instead of the soft tyre????

Sid's E Classroom

Where is Seb's radio about the tires ? He saved Ferrari's grace.

Disgusting Milky Water.

Notice how Albon laid the fault with his team, not his own speed? Signs of a “weak driver”. No hate intended, but it’s true.


3:39 thats the number 5!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frank Xue

Go Mercedes!

Arti Hasa

Nobody: ......
F1 drivers: HoNeStLy

Seán O'Nilbud

P9, shit.


Stroll fighting hard to not get replaced by Vettel

Isaac Johnson

Why does Magnussen's engineer sound like he's reading from a script for the first time. He sounds like he's surprised and unconvinced by his own words

Jeremy Banchiere

"What a race driver, dude. That was awesome".

Pedro Gama

Music please?

Kind Of Comedy

4:52 when you say it’s good but it’s not

Dr. Heiner Herrlich

Latifi is like the worst driver lmao


I was about to make a dad joke that "we have the best fans here, they provide so much cooling" but Magnussen's radio from the finish caught me completely by surprise

Zulfazli Sofiuddin

Vettel vs Ferrari's strategist???

Valtteri it’s James

Ferrari’s car is also rubbish ????

回: Apip

did Magnussen kissed his engineer?


Latifi sounds like he is flying a fighter jet

bk kedairy

The haas engineer being American just sounds wrong for some reason idk why like his voice doesn’t match with f1

Rafael Teixeira

Red Bull's mechanics are the real MVP!

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