V-Ray 5.0 for 3ds Max Beta | MATERIAL LIBRARY

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#VRay 5.0 for #3dsMax Beta with New MATERIAL LIBRARY with ready Bricks, Carpaint, Concrete, Wood & Laminate material, ... and much more.
Free register to V-Ray 5.0 for 3ds Max beta https://bit.ly/2SnaBXY

V-Ray 5.0 for 3ds Max Beta more features: https://bit.ly/2SlU4nc

More plugin please visit:

And even more on :

German Olivares

I think the Material Library is only available in 3DS Max, am I correct? I just installed V-Ray 5 on Maya and I can't seem to find it.

Salvador Aguilera

Almost 9Gb at July 2020

Sheik Fareed

Somebody kindly reply :
Is it possible for me use this Vray for my 3DsMax 2018?

محمد شهيد

V-Ray Material Library for V-Ray 5 password: mostafa1

Chris Down

Usually I turn the music off straight away because it's awful, but i liked that funky track, so I left it on.

Shahnur Fakir

in vray 5 hdri map is missing how to get it? please give me answer of this question

Ngọc Thạch Hồ

When I downloaded the computer, an error occurred and I could not install the library.

Makgalemele Mahlare

having toruble downloading library.... it aborts half way... always....

rk anil

can you give me 3ds max file

Mauro Man

..Could you tell me what 3D Max version do I have to install Vray 5 ??

Dream boat


Dream boat

#VRay 5.0

Shivan Dosky

can you give me 3ds max file

yohib ahmed

Can i make new material and save int in library?


Good. But the library gave me a failure message. What do you think the problem is?



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