V-Ray 5 for 3ds Max | Light mix finally here! (New Features of Vray 5)

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???? Watch part 2: https://youtu.be/k0-Nin5Ilkk
My first look at the new V-Ray 5 render engine beta version. I will share with you my early feedback on this version of the Chaos Group renderer. I’m most excited about LIGHT MIX!
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Shubham Saini

Dear mam, thankyou for posting such videos related to 3d etc. Mam after watching your video i also decided to switch from v-ray to corona.. I have already installed it.. But i dont know for some reason when i apply texture and color to my object it is not showing on the viewport ( just only show in frame buffer during rendering) so that its getting hard or say impossible to see real color or texture i want to apply on viewport... But its show dark black.. Please mam help me to fix this issue....

renderice ib

you are smart and also pretty


3ds max 2017: I have added the lightmix component, i do not see lightmix control palette in VFB, how to turn it on ?

Victoria Petsagkouraki

Any idea why at the lightmix properties from the vfb says please add lightmix-Re and re render and from the render elements I don't have all the lightmix parameters...? I have a added lightmix pass to the render elements


v ray lightmix not working with primary engine irradiace map why?????

Binod Jain

Can you please tell me your PC specifications?

Jerome Delcorro

it doesn't support the 3dsMax 2016, I don't know what version is the material Asset browser work, I only have 2016 and 18

Matt Rittman

“Light Mix” is misspelled on your thumbnail ;)

fadi labn

can we use light mix with v-ray GPU render?

fadi labn

Love your Critical sense.

Shahnur Fakir

in vray 5 hdri map is missing how to get it? please give me answer of this question

Rexhep Xhaferi

When i try lightmix vray 5 "add lightmix re and re-render"why is this mesage??

mpd mpd

your monitor rig is insane!!!!!!!! im so envy :(


Nowa wersja już na pokładzie po update. Mam jednak problem bo mimo że dodaje vray light mix do render elements to nadal w details przy nowym renderowaniu mam informację "Please add LightMix RE and re-render... Wiesz może o co może chodzić? Jak pisałem komunikat przeczy faktycznemu stanowi rzeczy...


Kolejny dowód na to że Polacy są świetnymi grafikami i że Polskie kobiety są najpiękniejsze :D Wrzucam aktualizację na firmie, zaraz zobaczymy jak nowa wersja w praktyce wygląda.

Yasir Anadani

why is it so important to know if you switched to corona? i hate when people things about themselves


Amazing content ava

wafaa abo elezz

when i go to lightmix it doesn't view lights but it says (please add lightmix re and rerender)?

Rami Aq

Thank you ????????????????


man she talks so slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

yashrio joens

nice info


This light mix came from maxwell multilight?

Jako bako

Lightmix ! layered compositing ! material library ! browser! good !

Adam Li

I don’t know why there are so many noises when rendering with VRay5. No matter how long the rendering is, there are always a lot of noises. Even if the noise reduction element is turned on, don’t you know that you have encountered it? How was it fixed?

Imran Khan Midas


Salamon Zsolt

lighting is just insane... great work!


i still like to stick with corona i dint find much difference here.....


you are so polite when you say you dont like something it still sounds good.. "its not so nice"


There is a close up in mat library, just RMB, and have a fun

Aarish Shaikh

Corona is for legends.... But VRAY is for ultra legends????????


Can I get vray 5?

ibrahim tetik

Not compatible with forest pack vray 5?


i cant believe they put all that effort into making materials without displacement.

junfei pei

Your curvy screen is broken with those horizontal noisy lines, poor gal


You just don’t know how to use Vray that all Vray is dame good

Art Maknev

when you go corona you don't come back lol, by the way, nice cave!


love it...

heat flux

Oh man, they finally figured out people need material library in vray for 3dsmax.


u are render!!!!!?

thadz fortaleza

How about the rendering time? I saw a vud of blender renders quite fast.


Your pc is slowly!!!!


Bad lighting! Yama hama!

Fahed Nassar

Well. It is called Corona. That's enough reason to switch back in my opinion. LOL

Dream boat

When I use vray I miss the corona options specially light ????mixture


use add to custom color

Aymec Millet

sigershaders was sooooo expensive !!!!!!!!!!!

now they must make a big discount !!!!!

vray next'S library is awesome !!!!!

thanks my god !!!!

Losanky Gaming YT

spelling of LIGHT is wrong in thumbnail

Jez I AM

You should be sending your comments to Chaos, and not hoping that someone from Chaos is watching. It doesn't work that way around. This is Beta - send them your thoughts. They listen and put good ideas in. I have had one idea myself added and accredited to me :)

Jez I AM

Can't you just drag and drop the material rather than right-clicking ?

elie moussa

iiiiiiiiiiiii hate Corona

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