Restless Legs: Feel the URGE 8/7/19

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MGMC Physician Grand Rounds, 8/7/19
Eddie Clemmons, DO, Neurology
McFarland Clinic

Andy Chapman

I'm up once again at 1am legs just will not settle tonight. I'm 70 next year and iv'e had RLS for over 40 years my father also had it but never new it was a condition or had a name.
I take Pramipexole on prescription 1 at 6pm 1 at 8pm & 1 at 10pm just before bed at 10-30 they did work for about 1 year but gradually the old RLS returned just don't know what to do any more i'm lucky if i get 2 solid hours sleep but usually wake every 50 minutes or so throughout the night, i'm retired so find myself knapping about 2pm for just 10 minutes at the most it really changes your mood during the day i do get grumpy and look tired all the time so i'm told if help is out there please find me on Facebook always willing to do trials with new drugs.Thanks for reading this i live in Bognor Regis UK

pittsburghgirly46 Vanzandt

I drive for a living i have this so bad i cant stand it

Karlye Cowart

Hi, I am a nurse who has RLS and I have seen many patients with RLS benefit from the SCDs! I decided to see if I could get a pair for myself so I just looked on amazon and there they were! The price was around $30-$50 and was definitely worth the investment.


I get RLS which over the last 3 years has come and gone. It can be both legs or just one and the longest time I have had it is 3 months.
At the moment I'm going through it again on one leg which has been going on for 3 weeks every evening and some of the day. I purchased some CBD oil a week ago, some on the stronger side.
While I'm still experimenting on the right dose ( 3 drops three times a day) so far I'm having encouragin results and the last few days I've had No RLS during the day and I've been having a few hrs sleep at night too.

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