Best Pain-Relief Bed Positions for Neck, Back, Shoulder, & Hip Pain

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"Famous" Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present: Best Pain-Relief Bed Positions for Neck, Back, Shoulder, & Hip Pain

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Nina Stoller

Can you please answer which leg wedge pillow is better for back pain: one that plateaus (like in the video) or one that angles down (like a pyramid with a rectangular base)?

Nicholas Shawn Nadel

Have you guys ever considered selling Bob & Brad branded pillows/sleep equipment? I'd totally buy

Wishful Thinking

Has anyone done those pillow tricks for elbow joint aches? I sleep on my right side with my right hand under my head and I think that has been contributing to joint pain in that right elbow. Any success?

Gabrielle Montet

I really like your videos, they are very helpful! Could you please make a video about how to avoid hurting your back while cleaning the house? Cleaning is an activity I find difficult to do with my upper back and neck pain. Thanks!


I was dying to see you guys try out the mattress for demonstration ????

Chetan Patel

Pain in right side body (top right and back right side of the head, right side neck area, elbow, arm, sometimes in eye, feet, shoulder back) for 3 years, work on computer full day. when try to Exercise feel good for 2-3 days but after 3 days, if still Exercise then increase pain. tried homoeopathy, physiotherapy but didn't solve it. plz, share any permanent solution for it. (have I continue Exercise, even if pain after 3 days?). Thanks.


what is Bob's height


these guys save you $$$ from doctors bills and GAS $$$ to get to doctor or P.T...plus they KNOW there shit....should be 9 million subs...????????????

Kirsty Macfarlane

Watched this and ordered the leg wedge! Been debating for months and I'm a back sleeper, I'm so looking forward to it coming! My condition has been getting worse pain wise so I'll try anything, I woke up with the dogs ball under my lower back I was using it to trigger point and ease the pain! Thanks guys you're awesome ❤️❤️

Worry Less Smile More

Q: I either pulled or have muscle tension on my left neck area side to where my shoulder and scapula area is killing me. Also my left ear is full and won’t pop. I can literally hear myself echo when I talk. It’s giving me intense head migraine pressure. I’ve been to the ER twice now and they just give me flexeril and Ativan. Is there something a chiropractor could do? Like crack my neck. It feels like my neck won’t go back into place or something is out of whack and causing all these symptoms. Any suggestions is MUCH appreciated guys. Love you ????

Laura Milke

Hi I was diagnosed with cervical anterolisthesis grade 1 c2-c3 c3-c4 c4-c5, I want to know if the exercises showed in this channel for spondylolisthesis are good for my condition? Thank you!

raphaella akl

Please tell me how do I know that I have fibromyalgia and how to adapt it? If any of the viewers might help me as well! I'm broke and I can't see a doctor... Thank you all

Jordon Henderson

I was playing football and I tripped and fell on my shoulder and I heard a pop but it wasnt my joint. And I when it put my right arm on my left shoulder and push up with my left hand it hurts in my upper bicep. I cant figure out what it is


i want the mckenzie sleep roll so bad, currently placing towel in the gap area (cause i always sleep on my side) and its not comfortable lel

Cheryl van Hauen

I like you Bob and Brad. ????

People have laughed at my bed full of pillows for years ..well, mostly because one of my ‘pillows’ was a great big cuddly Rottweiler. I’m not sure what they found laughable about a young snip of a lass in her 40s still sleeping with a cuddly toy, but hey, what did I care, whatever works, right? ????

Today I sleep on my side with a pillow in front of my knees to prevent any strain from my upper-most leg dragging on my hip, and not so long ago the sad day finally came after 20 years with my dutiful but nameless dog, where I replaced him with a pillow to hug tight against my chest, still preventing my upper-most shoulder from rolling too far forward.

For years I would wake up feeling like a bus had hit me, limping and groaning with strained hip and shoulder ligaments, the pain in my clavicle made me nauseous and I’d spend the day trying to crack out my crushed ribs so that I could breathe properly. I wish I’d known then...

I do still only use one pillow for my head, but scrunch it up a bit to fill the gap.
Tonight I’m going to try the neck support roll tip and look forward to further improving my slumber, comical in appearance or not.

Thanks guys, keep up the slapstick humour mixed with really sound and helpful advice, it is much appreciated.

vex trexa

I can't sleep on my back. When I do I wake up gasping for air.

Rachel Yorath

Very brilliant video carry on guys

Brianna Mountain Momma

Would you do some videos for pregnancy? ???? thanks guys!

Lia D

I have gotten very cheap pool noodles of various diametees.I then cut them with a sharp bread knife to whatever length I wanted.I covered some with a towel or old T-shirts to make them fluffy.
I've cut some them in half lengthwise to get a smaller roll for my back.
I've duct taped three short lengths as a triangular "log" to put behind my knees in the bathtub... I love all my pool noodle babies! ;)
I simply couldn't afford special rolls,and my towel rolls would lose firmness overnight and wake me in agony...
Just thought I'd share

Ana Darchi

Hi guys. What do think of memory pillows? I’ve found them very expensive & ineffectual. Thanks guys!!

Sam Withoutlimits

is there a brace that will help me to re-train my osteoarthritis knee to not bend all the way back - overextend? I have a brace that has a metal side bar but it doesn't stabilize my knee. Is there a brand you could suggest? I think that if my knee could get use to bendig forward a little - held in that forward bend position for a while everyday - that might help me to re-train it to work as it did before my arthritis got so bad. HELP please.

Eric Kleinwolterink

My chiropractor says he loves/hates you guys because your videos about sleeping positions really helps his repeat clients, lol.


I have all of the pain mentioned above, hopefully this will help

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