KALEO - Way Down We Go (Official Video)

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Music and Lyrics by JJ Julius Son

KALEO's debut album, A/B, featuring “Way Down We Go”, "All The Pretty Girls" & "No Good" is available now. Stream and Download: https://atlanti.cr/kaleo_ab


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cats meow

Heard this on the radio yesterday for the first time, had to find it! Dude is singing from his soul/ spirit! My soul felt the connection & I was literally trembling????????????????????????

ricardo costa

Lindo ????????

Călin Dițu

Awesome song! This is real music! One of my favs

Armando Anto

De la pela 360 buenazaaaa

Walter Flipstick

Only one from fifa? Ok then.

Iqbal Family

Oooooo we gay wahy we haga moto khankir pola

KingGaming ASV



Ah yes, the "series finale" song


Кто с Отеля Элион?)



Jaki Seils

Am I the only one here from riverdale because I thought that this song sounded good and wanted to listen to it and now you really really like it


Из кто фильм же этот песня

Alahna Wigfall

if you’re here from “The f*** it list” you’re four years late and no one cares .

House Music

Beautiful song!!

olciaa baabe

Who's from Lucifer when Charlotte showed Uriel's grave?

مشاري الحلو

خلودي 25

Emanuelli Alexandre



logan. 2020

jeannie smith

This song is mind blowing. So much soul in this ❤️

Nata Lia

Классно ???????? просто уносит, хочется танцевать закрыть глаза и тащится...

Albin Kurti



10% comments :Song is good
90% comments :Logan????

Курбанбай Жолдасов

Для тех кто смотрит из Нукуса 2020

Ester Lima

Alguém mais aqui veio pela série Teen Wolf??

Людмила Андрейченко

чего, всмысле это поют не imagine dragons

Erinzon Space

07/2020 ????????

irtija rahman


hasnat wajid

hey you ! yes you Smile ! you deserve to be happy ;)

Jacob Raval

When someone tells 'YOU DONT HAVE FEELINGS'


Lucifer ❤

Karine Khethllin



um what are the lyrics??

its Riptide

Just redownloaded Fifa 16 to play for the first time in years, and this is the first song I heard. The nostalgia...

MD_sou TM

ذكرنييي بتروبيك

XD4 cryptix

Fifa nostalgia

Γιωργος Χατζή


Laraah Domingues

I'm more Michele Morrone singing ????

Naira Grigoryan

Suits, Riverdale, The Blacklist, Logan, Teen Wolf, Lucifer
This song has been played in all of these!! And I'm not complaining at all)

Lamisha Faruq

Did no one come here from Suits??

Eloy Castro

Fifa16 song

Anonymous Incognito

this illustrates the demons and lucifer's fall from heaven after Jesus was crucified and they knew they fucked up

M A R S ;;

logan and laura????


FIFA 16 music ????

Reggie Croes

should be a lucifer song

Ronan Duff333

Fifa is why I’m here ????‍♂️????‍♂️????????

Marianna Apuzzo

Mi vengono i brividi ogni volta che la ascolto

Peter D.O.A.N

R.I.P Logan
R.I.P Charles Xavier
R.I.P Joel Miller

Raphael Lübe

Pour some alcohol then way down we go.. Cheers



Tolga Erko

Kardeşim ben dj dikkat herkes siper alsın

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