Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) OST - Vogel im Kafig (eng subs)

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Attack on Titan OST - Vogel im Kafig with english subs

Couldn't find a proper video of this song with english subs, so I made my own!
Hope you guys will like it (:

Photo credits: WallpaperVortex.com (If anyone knows the original artist, do link and I'll gladly credit accordingly!)

Dark Knight

Ich sehe hier keinen deutschen Kommentar


I wonder what a german based lord of the rings would sound like.

Kendra Audrya


Hacker Fox


Sanchit Sharma

So it's all about freedom as an Indian I can feel it how to be in slave by other.


DJ-3 - Vogal (Official Video)

Marleen Samson

The ending song make me goosebumps.. ❤️

Denia Juarez

I never realized how much this sounds like a nier:automata song

we eb


Marquis Yarosh

1:44 where's the extended version of this part?!?






I love how that song makes my mother tongue sound pretty.


I am REALLY HOPING this is the final song that is played when Season 4 comes to an end. For reasons ????????????

Edit: I speak German and this is super hard to understand. There are covers that make it easier to see how it's supposed to be pronounced!

Scared_uchiha _boy

This song is in German the nazis deprived the Jews of their lives

Smol Potato

I love Attack on Titan

Obi-wan Kenobi

as much as star wars has a great themes this is on star wars level of sad themes

Red Burning Dragon

4:45 When I Get Betrayed By Someone


Well....I love attack on titan but even as a german I have never recognized that this was German .-.


Eren : I Eren Yeager will destroy this fucking world

Abdulmohsen St

The true meaning of chills

Desconhecido 0

F for Liberio.

Edna Ngabo

isn't 4:45 the same as in YouSeeBIGGIRL/T:T towards the ending


I love the anime, but why couldn’t they hire at least one native German speaker to tell them this isn’t a good idea? I’m grateful you don’t really recognize it as German unless you listen very hard, otherwise all that German in the songs would probably ruin the mood for me ???? but it’s cool to see y’all get excited about German ????

Burrito Wyrm

4:46 this part

Tyler Isabelo



Bester Moment ab 4:46

dung dinh

Ai van nghe bai het nay dd

shino sonnen

MMV for attack on titan manga,

Player Game

Bertholdt : "Rainer
Are we doing it?! Now ?! Righte here ?! "

(Raising against eren)

Reiner :Yeah , We settle this ... Right here... Right now....

Mikasa slashed


Armin : Eren ! Get out of there !

Historia: Ymir!!!

Eren in memories:
Reiner: I'm going return to the hometown we lost.
That's all I care about now.


Eren : You damn !! Traitors !!!!! (MEANWHILE TRANSFORMATION)

Meanwhile viewers
Reaction 1 emotional ones
: fuck... both hands over head
Or lifted in air stand up eyebrows up

Reaction 2 stable calm brain viewers:
Hyped with music, still steady shocked totally
Tention about if they fight near wall and may some part collapse and making hole in wall Maria once again

Reation 3 viewers:
Fight them Eren kill them now, yes eren good to transform , fight mikasa every one

Reation 4 viewers 2018-19 :
Shocking face taking music and every details 》episode...... to be continued...
Swiftly Changing next episode
What is about to next ....

Marisa Morales

Plzz isayama let eren and mikasa end up together cuz u can tell if they liked each other and they both like each other and let eren and armin live and they never die plzz make attack on titan season 4 good ending

A. Fattah Abdullah

It look like ww2 music????????

Rizal Maulana Yusuf Effendi

omg ... my body is shaking ... feelssss goood this theme .... o may god ... ill make this as theme song of my content ^_^

ze wo t o

This sounds like reiner theme

Hasan Bassari

in fact the "bird" in this song's title isn't the citizens of paradis but those thousands of colossal titans encased in the wall

Megashark 101

Vogel im Kampf: Hope.
Apple Seed: Destruction.

Rishistav Ray

Still haven't found anything like AoT let alone better





lol koolkid

Friend: What kind of music do you listen to?
Me: It’s complicated.

Wael Hany

4:46 "that must be .... THE ATTACK TITAN" they have to play this when 130 gets animated


Such a good ass ost coming from attack on titan just makes me more hype for the final season ☝????☝????????

Dantago Swartz

With my bear hands

Pon Pon


TopRank Jay

I want this song for Attack on Titan season 4 to be the ending song

Abel Oswald

Even though i cant speak this language i can fluently sing the last 3 parts at the back 4:45


1:43-2:15 gives me chills every. god. damn. time.

Gabriel Silveira

Hard to understand songs are better in a sense that you don't have to know what they say to comprehend their meaning

F.B.l Agent


Revelry in the Dark

4:45. Thank me later :)

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