What Is Intelligence? Where Does it Begin?

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Humans are proud of a lot of things, from particle accelerators, to poetry to pokemon. All of them made possible because of something humans value extremely highly: intelligence.

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Ok! Intelligence! Next up in this series: more Consciousness and similar things! And by next up we mean in like half a year or so. Probably longer. But we are on it! Bigs thanks to the Templeton World Charity Foundation for supporting this series!

Jyoti Srivastava

Hey, Kurzegesagt. Can you make a plant system or Sun education eddition poster???

Itachi San

Keep the good work
Big respect

Ten Minute Tokyo 2

In the brain stem.


We need a game on this


My teacher used ur thumb nail photo :3

Vincent Nytemair

i n t e l e k t

JuanDiego Villacis

I'm super disappointed to see Kurzgesagt selling an inaccurately sized map clearly used for supremacy indoctrination. ????

Nope wmv

Let's all combine into one giant human, with a galaxy brain we can solve all the problems. ALLLLLLLL

Elijah Pelito

So no one noticed a Shaun the Sheep reference at 7:40???

Patrick Gleeson

You put a koala on the west coast of Australia. FYI, they are only native on the eastern side of Australia

Harsh Bhatia

Wait it's all a game?
Always has been.


Videogame when?

Alex Cv

Reminds me of Spore

Science & Universe

So, simply, intelligence is the ability to find solutions to a problem.

Peter Iselizo

and then there's youtube comments

stelios margaritis

Great video

vinayak parab

Chakra concept we want

Charl- son

Why are we useing all that intelligents so stupidly. Maybe awareness is more important after all.


I like how while my friend was talking about how his friend hot glued his hand, this video showed up in my reccomended.

Jason Jardine

7:40 GROMIT!

Jonas Faria

That world map is unbelievably inaccurate. The equatorial line isn’t in the middle of the map, the map simply excludes a gigantic chunk of Antartida.

zounoa a


James Stocks

I liked this video up until about @8:30 when it got all political.

Anwar Ahmed

I Miss those birds. I am not used to our new teacher Aliens yet!

Leo Stack

God Bless Are Great Great President Of The United States Of America
Donald J. Trump And His Beautiful Family.


What about collective intelligence? Usocial insects? Like ants and bees have not individually but as a working whole? Somehow that doesn't seem to fit here.

Rusty Carlos Valdez

Who saw the dog in the sheep scene? Like from Shawn the sheep

Desmond Kerk

Great vid as usual! Question, what software do you use to make these animations? Looks like Adobe Animate, but I'm not sure.

SomeoneWhoPassby ???

when you try to comprehend comprehension

False Vacuum

Big brain

Dani Hananis

amazing video.

John B

Many on Earth CONFUSE Intelligence with LIFE, because they don't know or understand the DIFFERENCE, between "LIFE (The Real Self)", and the human PRIMATE.... But this is understandable, because the human PRIMATE Contains DOUBLE LOGIC in its GENOME, adversely affecting ALL human 'THOUGH' and 'REASON', as well as Causing 'SUFFERING' and 'DEATH', no human can escape... So it is prudent to Discover, and Understand the DIFFERENCE, between "LIFE (The Real Self)", and the human PRIMATE, and Choose "LIFE (The Real Self)", over the human PRIMATE.

mohamed ouhibi

8:34 did kuzgesagt just call humanity stupid? i mean... their right but damn.


this guy got influenced by mark rober's quarantine video

Vishaldeep Singh

plz put some mechanical engineering stuff

Lightbulb Games Studio

This should definitely be a video game !!


Beautifully put together


Can you tell me how do you make these videos? People say that you use Adobe After Effects to make these videos on Youtube.

Rohan Malik

It's 1 year now and i still don't know how to pronounce the channel's name


Humans are proud of a lot of things, from particle accelerations to poetry to Pokemon. All of the made possible because of something humans value extremely highly.

Khada Jhin

To me, it is Very simple:
Intellect is how much you know
and Wisdom is how you use said knowledge.
Me myself I don't know alot of the "general" information like who fauled in football or this favorite singer with songs and bla bla bla, my intelligence is not great.
But I do know a lot about the things that should interest me, severing the important of the none-important is something I do alot. I am wise in that regard. I always think about everything I do, every step I make and even the wordchoice to get to my personal goals like I do here.

The Media Angel

It’s possible that our brains are too complicated to be understood by something as simple as our brains.

Jorge Aguilera

What if u put food back into the slime molds old already traveled path ? Will they return for it or not ... Because this sounds like they just leave a chemical trail saying "no food no food no food" which is not technically intelligent, it is just chemical messaging like how cells communicate.

Mateo Segurado

The people that animated this video, i think they really like spore and some zelda's.

Aditya Raj Chopra

The cute little birds, I mess them


Who is this Intelligence guy and what is he doing inside me?

Lou Vivier

Intelligence begins when you stop being so persistent when you are proven wrong. Unfortunately, the most persistent idiots in the world cannot be convinced and we must await their death.


lvl. 1 - Slime cell


lvl. 99 - Human

NLab ™

This is the channel worth living for.

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