My Friends Draw My Makeup Looks!

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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I snapchatted a few of my influencer friends and asked them to draw me a makeup look! Watch as Addison Rae, Charli D'amelio, David Dobrik & more all challenge me with INSANE looks! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!

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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

Lena Salah

10:21 I think James have corona ????????

Stefanie Ming

I luv your makeup skills sister

Alayah Moses

Can you go live on likee

Francisca Gonzalez

Thank you for trying to cheer me up


The rainbow one ✌????❤️

Rachel Debora

I love you so much but I’m not allowed to have Instagram but I follow you on TickTock and I subscribed and put the notification bell on!

Maxime Tokou

Prov you missed james Charles videos so you go back and watch all of them

best friends as sisters

James do part 2 pls

Jessica Innes

This editor is making me liiiiveeee

Evoid Hisoka

I want James to make a video where he’s talking in lisp lol


James: talks fast

Me: ???????????? EmiNeM cOulD nEveR

Emily Viii

Love it ❤️

Kokichi ouma

at 10:43 he looks like mina if she was make up from bnha

Claudia Morales McGowan

Hey you’re not a girl you’re a boy dumb Charles

Celie And Superman

Ima buy my sister ur morphie pallet

Gumball watterson


hope lee

james' nails tapping on the screen of his phone is the most satisfying thing ever

bridgette rene'e

everytime the snapchat notification in the vid went off, i thought it was me :(

Natálie Rychecká

hi from Czech Republic! xd

savannah sloan

I know who could be good for instant influencers shes my sister and she is really good at makeup she loves you shes 13 and she is so good at makeup

Kiara Henry

I lost it at 11:37 idk why that was so funny to me


hyram is going to beat you up omg

Elyse Greeney


Bunny Bear

That would be leopard print cheetah print is smaller and in full circles and leopard print is larger not fully surrounded


The jewelry gamee is on point????

Eloise Glenister

the fact sister is so stunning he only has to take a selfie first try is amazing ????

Olivia Cover

holy shit what makeup wipes do you use?? I NEED for dance competitions!

Manto Mokoena



My ears on the last one hurt cause I have headphones in and it was so LUOD

Katie Roley

Beautiful singing

Prem Handa

Did he just gave his phone no.

Julia Terranova

Me: omg how many true sisters are there?!?!?!
James: 9:35 “so Avani is a true sister
Me again: ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Mariah Danielle

I let other people cloud my judgment about James but like ..... now im watching him , he's starting to rub off on me and actually a funny person and like the makeup is like AMAZING. Like im starting to love your videos and stuff and this is pure talent

Corinne Weekley

he should do a part 2: aka do the rest
like if you agree

Grace Fremont

Petition to get James editor a raise!

XxTheGrapeFruitIsBackxX 101

nvm i love david

luca Rasmussens


Bella Vilag

my favorite was addisons

Rukhsar Khan

James is so talented ????♥️????????

Swayg Jack

I cant wait

Kaylee Johnson

Why did he say David like that

flxwer roblox

BEST CONTENT EVER.Thank you.Goodbye sisters :)

Dardy Bros


Anna Braga

Woahhhh Harry loves Gucci so you should too????

harriet victoria

Hey James! So one of my closest friends, Baylee, is a CRAZY TALENTED makeup artist ;) Her account is baylees.makeup_(shes 11 but dont let that change anything)

Harlow Hauschild

Oh and hi sisters

Harlow Hauschild

The Leopard print was so good James love you

Inaya Mughal

I would love to have a you as my friend and I’m so glad your friends have you you make the best freidnds

Afsha Svetlana

When i was young i thought he was a gurl XD

Inaya Mughal

Your so amazing

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