1 hour of aesthetic music

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Want to download? click here - https://shrinkme.live/AESTHETIC



PART 3: https://youtu.be/iMONnouapEI


it's beatiful

talin uni

song plays:

My head: you were no srtipper . she was a triple

Gaming Fun


noemi lawrence

Why does this have dislikes
its aesthetic music

and I love this music :')

Cookie Spuad

Ad:say you are typing a letter to college
Me:I forgot I have to write a letter
Also me: Flip

B̸T̸R̸ B̸R̸O̸T̸H̸E̸R̸S̸


Ariaana 505

Ты - лучший человек на свете????

It's me Joud

I love this music :D

s u n k i s s e d



See I have a glitch emoji ⛓️

Yolanda Griffin

I love aesthetic music is lovely anime better

Yolanda Griffin

I love aesthetic is lovely yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Mackenzie Frostie

I always listen to this before sleeping and studying

Hermanas Molina

i love this music :D

Sãna Chãn

I hate...world....



Obinna Kotlar

Can you tell me what the first song name is


My favorite part was when she was touching the water

Möther Möthe :3

lets be honest here....


ღMiko _catღ

Please what is the first song name ????❤

Ririlovebean Fun

omg they played jocelyn flores i love that song sometimes it makes me cry

La Chimichurri

Amazing i hear this every day its so aesthetic and i love ur vids!

Kayla Millie

I love the xxxtentacion one he is the best I have listened to his music for years and years I can’t believe he is gone just like that rip miss u bro ????????❤️❤️???????? u will always be my fav rapper I mean it

Its Raseel

Hello, I would like to use some of the audio if that’s okay, I will credit your playlist in the description of the video, I will upload the video today, thank you.~????????????????????????

Kiyanna Rideau

woah.. me just listening to this music made me forget about the things going on my life.. thank you for this video I really needed it <3


11:37 take on your headphone and chill...

{Violet Dreamer}

In the first i hear "Don't wear a sketcher, she wore a sketcher" O-o


The person reading this...

Is reading this in their mind

Csrhk Idk

Everybody comments a wonderful comment that is cool

Me:am I supposed to do the same?

Me again :wait- why am I doing this again?

ranee_ p0tWt0

My brother: tries to sleep


I kNoW yOu sO wElL sO wElL~

Brother: nah-

s h x n y_ r x s e

this just so relaxing! i cant stop listening to this and sooooo aestethic!????❤

Zoiana Coleman

Love it keep up the good work

Juliana Bernal

After 1 hour 0 minutes 37 seconds with your hands on water, you notice all your fingers pruning up

Pink Aesthetics

I’m using this

•Baylsan Stars•

نيقا ار يو صاحي اطلق اغنيههه????????????????????

eternity husack

Say I if your here at 2-6 am and just wants to cry or get away from the world because everything hurts and you feel lonely and it just makes you be in your head. All your "Friends" don't talk to you but everyone else around you and you just want to sit in your room with this playlist on blast but then your parents ruin it because they want you to do things. And you just don't feel like you belong. And you just want to cry till there are no more tears left in you. But, you are broken dearly but no one around you realizes it because you just laugh even though it makes you wonder why you laugh. I

Midnight Safari

im just drawing oh off a cermercial

Luna lovedraw

12:30 eesh the beat is off and annoying me! ????

Bailey Murphy


Alexis Davis

my favourite song 16:16????✨


I love this


Hola :)

Таня Проскурина

Кто русский лайк на комм????


Idk what the first song is but it's good

Mandy Elfwild

I wanna become a child again...

Javiera Vargas

lol :>

Starbucks Coffee

:( whats the first song called

Cherubim Chantal Diramoti Nainggolan 1403080

watching a girl put her hand in the water for 1

Coin Life

Cool :3

صافيه العمري

you are a sketcher cause she wanna strap AH

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